Isn’t it just painful to watch the guy who you are dating show no emotion towards you? It’s okay to want to progress but it definitely hurts to be rejected because rejection is one of the most painful facts of life. You can’t just lie in a corner and wait for the guy to offer some help. Doing so will only prolong your agony.

A guy needs to be convinced that even he himself has feelings for you. He probably feels attracted towards you before he realizes that there’s something else deeper between the two of you. So how can you be sure that he’ll be sincere with his approach towards you?

Be truly independent.Surrender the romantic expectations that you have because marriage has a way of putting a lot of intensity and pressure onto you. Use your time spent with him wisely – only to improve your other relationships.

Make him feel special and cherished.A guy isn’t likely to approach a woman who can easily be viewed as a joke in front of a crowd. He will only notice your inner beauty, if you could make him feel special. A man’s ego is boosted when an attractive woman compliments him and all the pedestal starts revolving around him.

A piece of sensitive but naughty banter.Be faint of heart but don’t reject his advances and advances on you. No matter how difficult it may seem, hold your fort. Play down your feelings and pretend that he doesn’t excite you. He’ll be shocked that you’re not affected and he’ll be baffled by your indifferent behavior.

Your beauty will click his eyes.Sometimes all it takes to earn his respect is to look stunning. You must not however overdo your act. Don’t try to straighten your back. The key is to look approachable. When he finally approaches you, don’t immediately reject him. Let his heart develop the speed of light.

Your intelligence will persuade him.He’ll fall for you hard if he sees that you are a smart woman. The most effective way to make a man see how wonderful you are is to stimulate his mind. Because he has no notion about your other talents, he will be attracted to you if you can shower him with your intelligence.

Your confidence will make him take notice.Keep in mind that self-confidence will top the list of most desired personality traits in any man. Confidence is one of those traits that is not very common in women. So turn your strengths to your advantage. Don’t shy away from conversations. Prove that you are gifted with wit and you’ll soon get noticed.

Your intelligence will let him see your strengths.If you are intelligent, you are assured that you will be valued and respected. Your confidence,warts and all, will further enhance your assets. This guy would definitely be attracted if he sees your aptitude for stunts and brainstorming.

Your ability to enjoy life will make him take notice.Have a bubbly attitude and you’re as good as presented. No guy can really resist someone who can go on living even when everyone else is losing hope.

So all you have to do to make a guy develop some deeper feelings for you is to strive to have a great life, while at the same time maintaining an attractive personality worth falling for!