For many people, their careers and their professional life are their highest priority. This can especially be true for women professionals who have to work that much harder to stick out from the pack of male coworkers. But because of that fact, many young women are unsure of how to approach romantic relationships in their life. Having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) may seem great on the surface, but if not done properly, it could definitely affect your career in a negative way in the long run. We’ll talk about exactly how to go about with romantic relationships that you may want to pursue while having a successful professional career.

The first thing to mention is that having a romantic relationship is not required at all for you to have a meaningful and exciting personal life. Even though dating can seem fun, that is only the case when you find someone that truly clicks with you as a person. Actively looking for love will just get you nowhere and actually just leave you more frustrated when nothing works out.

So instead of going through endless dates and hookups, let love come to you and enjoy where your life is at in the meantime. The companionship that you might otherwise feel is missing can just as easily be filled with close friends and family, and the sexual component can also be fulfilled through sex toys (if you’re on the fence about sex toys, definitely try some out for yourself – they really are amazing sexual tools, especially for single women). The takeaway here is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting until just the right person comes along.

However, once Mr. (or Mrs.) Right does come along, it is important to be upfront about how important your career is to you. This is to help ensure that your partner will have the right expectations in the relationship. For example, you may work late some nights, and may not be able to drop everything for your partner on a regular basis, but if he or she truly cares about you and values the relationship, they will understand.

If your partner can successfully manage expectations, then you are in good shape. But your partner can do even more, particularly if your job puts an inordinate amount of stress on you overall. The way for them to be even better is to be supportive of your lifestyle. It might be great to find someone who acknowledges that you may come home from work late every once and while, but it is even better to find someone who will take it a step further and have dinner waiting as soon as you get home late at night. Being understanding of your goals and dreams is one thing, but having someone who puts in the effort to help you make those goals and dreams come to fruition is even better.

If you are a successful woman, you will quite frankly have numerous suitors who want to date you. However you cannot let that distract you from maintaining your level of success in your career. Because of this fact, looking for someone who will not just avoid being distraction but will be actually an asset to you and your career goals is the only logical way for career oriented women to approach the dating game.